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Binaural Microphone & Earphone BME-200

BME-200 sound




Please use it with the video camera. Rooting of athletic meet, and sound in town when journeying abroad, Memories not expressible only by the picture revive. Song of birds, murmur of brook, It can enjoy even only the sounds enough . The wind noise is reduced with the wind screen of the attachment.
Oirase river
Oirase river
Yuriage beach of morning glow
Yuriage beach of morning glow

Sound Shooting
Since a speaker's position is known clearly, even if it hears it later, an interview partner thinks that it is at hand.
It is the best for the recording of sounds, such as a meeting, a round-table talk, and a lecture meeting.
Because the place where the mike is put is unnecessary, you can interview it while taking the voice and the memo at the same time.
interview meeting
Surround Sound
Not only music but atmosphere is reproduced with reality. A living room becomes jazz Cafe.
A favorite session always plays in the presence. It is the best for the recording of the concert, the recital, and the chorus.

To actually feel it, please listen with a Hi-fi earphone or a headphone. Including BME-200.

The earphone of the sound of the high quality to which the wear feeling is good was integrated with the microphone of high sensitivity and wide band.
A windscreen reducing the noise by the wind is attached.
windscreen off windscreen on

The microphone is located in an ear at the same time to put on an earphone, and binaural recording is enabled.
microphone microphone


Electret capacitor type omni-directional
Impedance 1.6 kOhm
Sensitivity 36.5dB
Maximum input sound pressure level 105dB S.P.L
Frequency characteristics 30-20,000Hz
Power supply plug-in power (1.3-10V)

Dynamic inner-ear
Diaphragm diameter 13.5mm
Impedance 19 Ohm
Sound pressure sensitivity 112dB/mW
Maximum input level 50mW
Frequency characteristics 100-10,000Hz


ear pads (L,M,S)

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